Geocaching in the Gastein Valley

Experience the adventure of Geocaching, fun for everybody!
What is geocaching?
Geocaching is both: sports and game. It is the search for a hidden “treasure” using a GPS receiver. The “treasures” are hidden somewhere by other people. On you can find a description of the “treasure”, the GPS coordinates and further interesting information about the hiding place. A “treasure” is mostly hidden in a plastic tray, an old ammunition box, a film can, basically everything that is water- and weatherproof. The cache is a logbook where you can leave your details. By leaving your nickname (or through the site you let other treasure hunters know that you have found the treasure and any information you want to. You can also leave something in the box.
Some treasures are not easy to be found because you only get hints and route descriptions instead of coordinates. In the Gastein Valley you can find several treasures.